When you arrive at Inland Valley Surgery Center (IVSC) you will be greeted by our very professional and knowledgeable staff. Due to privacy laws and our own privacy practices, we will immediately request that you state your name to us. We will then request your picture ID and verify that you are our patient. After those formalities are done, our check-in process will begin.

Your physician’s office will send us your demographic information. It is from this registration paperwork that we enter your confidential data into our highly advanced computer system. We will ask you to proof the printed registration form for any input errors when you arrive and bring any errors to our immediate attention. Along with the registration form, we will give you several pieces of information that require your signature acknowledging that this information was disseminated to you.

Subsequently, there is a binder full of policies, privacy information, and consents that we will ask you to review and read and ask any questions or express your concerns. After you review and inquire as needed, the receptionist will have you acknowledge via signature onto an electronic signature device that is directly connected to our electronic medical record system.

When this paperwork is accomplished, your medical electronic chart will be put together and the surgical nurse will begin her pre-operative procedure.

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